Rohan Williams

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As a fulltime staff member, Rohan fulfills a number of key roles in his position on our Mangment Team. He brings with him the advantage of experience gained within the aviation industry, including the role of Chief Pilot, Head of Airworthiness and Aircraft Maintenance Control, Base Manger, and Check Pilot, for various companies.

Rohan also occupies a seat on the board of the Aerial Agricultural Association (AAAA), the national body whose task it is to steer the industry towards continual best practice and improved safety standard calibration. Here Rohan enjoys the chance to give back to the industry which has offered him the chance to realise many personal goals.

A Career Agricultural Pilot, Rohan has been actively involved with aerial agriculture and aerial fire suppression for nearly fifteen years. Rohan began his flight training at age 21 and is now, almost 20 years later, approved and proficient in the operation of all of the present company aircraft excluding the Fire Boss. This will be Rohan’s next challenge.


Please contact Rohan for any information about the company's agricultural work.

Mobile: 0437871225