VH-AWU (B718) Air Tractor Fire Boss AT802F - 67F

Image of an aircraft

VH-AWU Bomber 718 Fireboss is an Amphibious Air Tractor 802F firefighting aeroplane. This aircraft is equipped with Wipaire amphibious floats for touch and go scooping from lakes, rivers and reservoirs near bushfires. Alternatly it can operate from airfields along side other SEAT aircraft. With the increase in engine power to 1600 HP the aircraft performs equal to standard land planes. 

This aircraft has been equiped to mix GEL onbard, instead of foam giving far greater effect on fire. The system was designed by R&M Aircraft Pty Ltd and over the last 2 fireseasons considerably refined. Injection occurs after filling removing any possibility of GEL being inadvertently droped into water sources. The system is currently under patient approval.

Operationally the aircraft can be dispatched from an airport in less than 5 minutes with a load of retardant or GEL. It can then scoop water from a nearby body of water and attack a fire for up to 3 hours without refueling and can deliver up to 20 loads and 14,000 gallons of water on a fire each hour. Because of its speed, maneuverability and quick turn-around, it is especially effective when providing close ground support to local fire agencies. There are over 70 Fire Boss aircraft in operation throughout the world, with most of the aircraft working in Europe and Canada. R & M Aircraft Pty Ltd purchased a Fire Boss in 2009 and was the first operator of the Fire Boss water scooper aircraft in Australia. 

For more information see www.firebossllc.com/index.php